Cross-Sector Events

Building a Network and Sharing Resources

Healthcare and housing providers need to collaborate across their fields in order to better serve their shared client populations. We believe that meeting face-to-face is essential to developing meaningful relationships. Here you can find some of the cross-sector events the Consortium organizes to bring people together from the healthcare, housing, social service, and government realms. While most of our events are for our members only, some, like our interagency case conferences, are open to the public.  

In response to coronavirus concerns in NYC,  the Consortium will be moving events to be held as phone calls or online webinar sessions until further notice. We feel strongly that the insight gained from in-person discussions across sectors cannot be replaced, and we take pride in our efforts to bring people together in the same room who otherwise would not have the chance to meet and collaborate. This being said, we hope to resume our in-person events as soon as possible.

Town Halls

Forums to share time-sensitive information and for front line staff to ask questions to government representatives, industry leaders, researchers, and activists about policy considerations and the issues impacting the communities they serve.

Annual Convenings

Bringing together stakeholders across healthcare, housing, social service, and government sectors to share ideas about recent developments and best practices within the healthcare and housing realms.

Housing Marketplaces

Meet-and-greet events where health home care coordinators, hospital social workers, and others can connect with housing providers in order to improve communication and facilitate referrals between the two systems.

Interagency Case Conferences

Centering on case presentations, these  events allow participants to share information and resources to better support the needs of the individuals we serve in a safe and encouraging environment.