The Health & Housing Consortia are published in Health Affairs!

The Bronx and Brooklyn Health & Housing Consortia are excited to announce the publication of our paper on the development of health and housing consortia in Health Affairs, a widely acclaimed journal on health policy. The April 2020 issue explores the integration of health and social services, recognizing the growing attention in the health sector to the social factors that play a role in health, and highlighting the need for a unified response more than ever in the face of COVID-19.

In our paper, titled The Development of Health and Housing Consortia in New York City, we detail our work, including how we got started in the Bronx, our efforts to successfully integrate health care and housing services, and our expansion into Brooklyn. The paper was co-authored by Amy L. Freeman, Bonnie Mohan, Henie Lustgarten, Deirdre Sekulic, Laura Shepard, Megan Fogarty, Sue A. Kaplan, and Kelly M. Doran.

In addition to the publication, the Consortium was invited to write a post for the Health Affairs blog about our response to the pandemic, specifically about how we are sharing resources to help those on the frontlines.

2020 Hospital Homeless Count Report

The Consortium released its annual Hospital Homeless Count Report on August 28, 2020, following the release of the NYC Department of Homeless Services’s 2020 Homeless Outreach Population Estimate (HOPE) results.

On January 27, 2020—the same night as HOPE—the Consortium led its annual effort to independently count to count the number of people experiencing homelessness who were seeking care or shelter in NYC hospitals, identifying 226 unsheltered homeless people in 30 hospital emergency rooms in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

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Health Homes and Homelessness White Paper

In March 2014, the Health & Housing Consortium and Corporation for Supportive Housing collaborated to conduct a study of homelessness among Health Home members. The data, shared in this white paper, indicates the need for more housing for people with complex needs.