What We Do

The Consortium’s work has grown and evolved over the years, in direct response to the needs identified by our members. Through research, advocacy, cross-sector collaboration, education, and resource development, the Consortium works to strengthen and integrate the healthcare and housing systems in New York City. We support frontline staff by providing information and support; help connect organizations and staff across the health, housing, and social service sectors; and use our platform to inform policy and improve systems of care for vulnerable New Yorkers with health and housing needs.

Hospital Homeless Count

For five years, initiating and organizing the only hospital homeless census of homeless individuals found in Bronx hospital emergency departments on the annual DHS HOPE Count night, drawing greater attention to this “hospital homeless” population.

Medical Respite

Launched a Bronx Respite Needs Assessment to explore the need for Bronx Medical Respite Needs Assessment as a step-down from hospital visits for those who are unable to return to the community.

Frequent User Initiative

A Bronx Frequent User Initiative in partnership with CSH and Bronx RHIO to work with MCOs to identify their highest utilizers of hospital systems who are in need of housing and prioritize them for housing interventions.

Housing Marketplaces

A  series of Housing Marketplaces for care staff to meet with housing and other service providers to learn about eligibility and vacancies, and to make referrals.

Interagency Case Conferences

Quarterly case conferences where care staff and others can discuss complex cases with doctors, psychiatrists, housing providers, and more.

Annual Convenings

Annual Health & Housing Convenings of our members and partners to learn about recent developments across the healthcare, housing, and government sectors.

Training Program

Regularly scheduled training opportunities for care staff on housing, legal issues, medical conditions, and more facing our client populations.

Town Halls

Opportunities to hear directly from government representatives and subject-matter experts on the latest information and guidance related to COVID-19.

Continuing Education

A webinar series about Culturally Appropriate Engagement and Service Delivery with Latinx to Enhance Linkage and Retention to HIV Primary Care.

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