The Health & Housing Consortium, Inc.

Bridging the divide between the healthcare, homeless service, and housing systems to improve care for New Yorkers with unmet health and housing needs

Our Mission 

The Health & Housing Consortium is a collaborative network of health care, housing, homeless and social services organizations, and government partners with the shared goal of improving health equity and housing stability by fostering cross-sector relationships, informing policy, and building the capacity of frontline workers to support people with unmet health and housing needs. 

Our guiding principle is that shared housing and health care provider understanding is necessary to support high cost and high need clients who require intensive, coordinated services to achieve improved health outcomes. Yet these resources are costly and scarce. Through coordination among local government agencies, hospitals, and social service providers, we’ve created a more comprehensive approach to ending homelessness with proven results.

Our Partners

We work with hospitals, health homes, community-based organizations, managed care plans across New York City. The range of services provided by these groups includes housing, community-based health care, social services, behavioral health, harm reduction, and case management to name but a few.

City and State government agencies are also regularly represented at Consortium meetings and events. They are committed to supporting our efforts to formally organize, share information, and advocate for services.

Our Work

The Consortium’s work is focused in four core areas: research and advocacy, cross-sector events, training and education, and publications. See below to learn more about our programs.

Research &


Training &

Consortium Publications