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Annual Convening: New York’s Medicaid 1115 Waiver Concept Paper and What it Means for You


In August, New York State requested $17 billion over five years to enable its Medicaid program to address racial and socioeconomic health disparities; expand funding for supportive housing and behavioral health care; ensure access to care for justice-involved populations; and increase direct investments in and involvement of CBOs and behavioral health providers. This session will: summarize the […]

Annual Convening: Keynote Address + #CLOSErikers, Then What? Ensuring Appropriate Health Care and Housing for Individuals Leaving Incarceration


As pressure to close the jails on Rikers Island continues due to ongoing safety concerns, now is the time to plan for the future to ensure people leaving incarceration, and those with criminal justice histories, have appropriate support and access to health care and housing in their communities. Our expert panelists work with justice-involved populations in various […]

Annual Convening: Coordinating Systems to Improve Support for Homeless New Yorkers Experiencing Mental Health Crises


New Yorkers experiencing homelessness have higher rates of serious mental illness than their housed counterparts and during times of crisis, often interact with multiple systems, including police, homeless services providers, mental health treatment teams, and hospitals. In this panel, we will hear from professionals working with this population––on the street, in shelter, in hospitals, and […]

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